Football Association - since 1982


has been authorized by a convention, the Italian Football Association ( FIGC ) since 1993 till 2015 to play games versus other Master National Team to use the official Italian National uniform.

Club Italia Master A.C. took part to all Master Mundialito editions, playing for Pelé Cup which Club Italia Master A.C. is now the trophy holder the last edition.

The FIFA supports all the internationals events sought by various Federations through their Master Representative, these are welcomed by the highest Institutional categories of the hosting country.

Italian Master National Team has been supported by contract convention agreement, with the star players participation, promotes with her experience FIGC's image, in the world since 1993.

The Club Italia Master A.C. was authorized by FIGC to bring the 2006 Football World Cup at some events, sometimes together with a "Master Selections", in order to promote the image of the Italian Football around the world.


Gentile — Fontolan — Rossi — Altobelli — Piotti — Favero
Causio — Beruatto — Dossena — Conti — Filippi