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Club Italia Master A.C. has been authorized by F.I.G.C. National Football Association, to bring with the Master Team, the World Cup 2006 in various events, in order to promote the image of the Italian Football in the world.


The European leagues and football stars united against hunger

Weekend of the Professional Football Against Hunger

Are 963 million human beings around the world who are currently suffering from hunger. This dramatic situation must be changed.

The European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) with its 29 Leagues Associate, joined the FAO in the fight against hunger.

Hansi Müller, Ambassador of the German Bundesliga, and Paolo Rossi, Ambassador of the Italian Football League, who visited some of these projects in Egypt as part of a delegation of the EPFL, are convinced of the positive impact on poor rural communities of these projects on small ladder.
For Paolo Rossi, "soccer is a fantastic means of getting the message across, children recognize the players and listen to what they say".

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Campaign Professional Football against hunger